Negotiation teams are narrowing their differences over the US debt ceiling - Asia Market Wrap

26 May 2023 02:17NVDA AUD Australia China Japan JPY KRW New Zealand NZD South Korea US Bonds US Indexes USD

- Asian stocks benefited from progress in debt-ceiling talks on Friday, while US equity futures fell slightly after artificial intelligence stocks drove a rally in the nation's tech-stocks the previous session.

- While equities gained in Japan and South Korea, an Asia market index was on track to snap a 3-day losing skid. Stocks in Australia were little changed, while shares in mainland China fell slightly. The market in Hong Kong was closed due to a public holiday.

- Chip stocks in the region extended their gains into a second day as Nvidia bullish sales forecast continued to buoy companies with exposure to the A.I. frenzy saw the Nasdaq 100 gain 2.5% Thursday.

- Following a 4-day winning streak, a gauge of the dollar's strength changed. The yen remained near the 140 level versus the dollar.

- The Japanese currency has weakened on bets that the Federal Reserve will boost rates within the next two policy meetings. Data showing slowing inflation in Tokyo bolstered expectations for continued divergence between the BoJ and the Fed, keeping the yen low and Japanese stocks rising.

- Treasuries changed little in early Asian trading. Treasury bill yields due to mature early next month have risen as investors continued to demand a premium on instruments considered as most vulnerable to nonpayment if the government's borrowing capacity is depleted. 10-yr bond yields in Australia and New Zealand rose.